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AP 7522 NOT Boradcasting SSID but AP6532 is.

AP 7522 NOT Boradcasting SSID but AP6532 is.

New Contributor
Hi all,

I have one AP 7522 and one AP 6532 both using the same version (5.8.4) and I have a RFS6000 with the same version as well.

Both APs are in the same network and both are being adopted by Auto Provisioning Policy on the controller.

I can manage both aps and I can see both on the mint protocol as well.

I am not using the default profile I have created for both models and AP6532 is broadcasting the SSID normally but AP7532 is not.

As I said, same network, same RF Domain, the only difference is the model of access point.

Any idea?



New Contributor
Something wrong with the AP, I tried to configure as a standalone and I couldn't set up the RF Domain manually, I got incompatible error.

Thanks for all you attention.

New Contributor
RFS6000 is 5.8.4 as the AP6532.

Extreme Employee
I will have to agree with Ondrej, upgrade from to 5.9.x.

New Contributor
rfs6000-6EFBCE#rfs6000-6EFBCE#show adoption status |i ap7522-A882DC
ap7522-A882DC configured No rfs6000-6EFBCE 0 days 00:07:10 0 days 00:08:00

ap7522-A882DC*#show adoption status
Adopted by:
Type : RFS6000
System Name : rfs6000-6EFBCE
MAC address : B4-C7-99-6E-FB-CE
MiNT address : 19.6E.FB.CE