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AP-7522E does not take VC configuration and wireless networks doesn't work

AP-7522E does not take VC configuration and wireless networks doesn't work

New Contributor
I configured an access point AP-7522E as a Virtual Controller with three vlan to use in three separate networks: one for corporate use that should connect to our existing LAN, another for employees and another for guests. Everything works very well when this AP is the only one in the network. As soon as I try to add a 2nd one to the pool, it doesn't take the vlans configured in the VC and no internet access is given. How to connect a second access point and configure it to an existing VC?

Extreme Employee
Hi Andrew,

Are you doing any NAT? And who is the DHCP server in this mix? Is it when your clients connects to the VC all is good? In a VC environment for NAT and DHCP to work seamlessly, it's better if you have another device on your network handling these task, NAT and DHCP.



Extreme Employee
if you look at the model numbers of both APs, are they both AP7522E or is one AP7522 (or AP7522i) and the other AP7522E. Please confirm.

On the VC, under access points do you see the client AP listed in there?

Are they connected to a layer 2 or layer 3 switch?
Christoph S.

New Contributor
Yes Robert, I can connect to either one via SHH and ping each one without a problem.

Also, here's the output of "show mint neighbors", doing it from the VC:

ap7522-362BF8>show mint neighbors
1 mint neighbors of 1B.36.2B.F8:
1B.36.2C.58 (ap7522-362C58) at level 1, best adjacency vlan-1

Additionally, there is something weird going on: the VC IP adress is and the 2nd AP IP adress is, so in this last one the VC should be set to .1.10 but when I unplugged the VC and connect to the 2nd AP (1.11) the VC IP adress by default is set to and level "Centralized". I don't know if that could give you any more lights....


Extreme Employee
Can you log in via SSH ( putty.exe) to either one and ping the other? Also, can you get us the output of command ' show mint neighbors'