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AP310 unable to locate rf-domain manager

AP310 unable to locate rf-domain manager

New Contributor

I'm having trouble viewing the dashboard.
I have a network of 42 AP310s. The virtual controller makes one AP310. WiNG version is 7.7.1
The dashboard does not display any adopted APs.
ff94c24f9b1b453481d7894d9648fdf4.png The adoption of all APs is OK. "ap310-76F24E configured No ap310-73FA0D 23 days 19:05:40 23 days 20:41:59" All APs see each other through MINT ap310-7701AD> show mint neighbors 41 mint neighbors of 74.77.01.AD: 74.73.FA.0D (ap310-73FA0D) at level 1, best adjacency vlan-99 " RF-Domain manager reports that it is unavailable "show global domain managers - RF-DOMAIN MANAGER HOST-NAME APS CLIENTS - default? unable to locate rf-domain manager - " Please advise how to put the RF-Domain and dashboard into operation. Thanks Martin.

New Contributor
Hello Christoph,

Thanks for the recommendations and procedures.
I used it and currently everything is working properly.

Extreme Employee
Hello Martin,

1 - Make sure all the APs are in the same broadcast domain
2 - Make sure that they are all connected to layer 2 switches allowing broadcasts
3 - Upgrade to
4 - Add the best practices firewall policy:
5 - Remove controller vlan 99 from profile as this is not required for VC adoption
6 - Remove controller managed from rf-domain as this not required for VC adoption

Just tested the AP310e in lab on but could not reproduce issue. 

If issue persists after above have be checked/applied, please open a GTAC ticket for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Christoph S.
Christoph S.

New Contributor
Hi Angelo,

Thanks a lot after removing the "controller-managed" dashboard works great. The "ap310_Office" profile is for testing only. Thanks for the warning. Thank you very much. Martin

New Contributor III

Hi Martin,

please remove the command "controller-managed" from your rf-domain "default".
Furthermore, it's best practice to add "rf-domain-manager priority 255" to the override of your virtual controller AP (ap310 20-9E-F7-73-FA-0D).

This should solve your problem.

BTW: In your profile "ap310_Office" (not actually used, but just in case) the "controller vlan" is missing.

Best regards,