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AP4620 adopted (not configured) on WM3400.

AP4620 adopted (not configured) on WM3400.

New Contributor II
I know it's an older model however we still have these in use.  We just purchased these AP4620s for use with the WM3400.  The APs power up but have solid lights indicating that they're adopted but not configured.  However the WM3400 doesn't see the devices and doesn't even show them as pending adoption or adopted.

Extreme Employee
try the following:

Configure your computer with a static IP in the 169.254.x.x/16 range and try to ping If unable to try IP 169.254.136.x/24. If you are able to ping it, using putty, SSH into the AP. At the login prompt, if AP had been defaulted, you should be able to use the following credentials:
Login as: admin
Password: motorola
or whatever the default credentials were for the Brocade APs. 

If unable to log in, try the following credentials:
Login as: reset
Password: OQTEa4rT

I hope this helps,

Christoph S.

New Contributor II
Device Licenses:
Value : 6
Borrowed : 0
Total : 6
Used : 3

New Contributor II

So I've got the amber light blinking (no green light) on one of these and this info came up on show lldp neighbors.

Chassis ID: 00-04-96-88-88-F4
System Name: ap4600-8888F4
Platform: AP4620-US, Version
Capabilities: WLAN Access Point Router
Enabled Capabilities: WLAN Access Point Router
Local Interface: ge3, Port ID (outgoing port): 00-04-96-88-88-F5
TTL: 175 sec
Management Addresses:

GUI doesn't show it as adopted or pending adoption, also noticing no management IP address like the others have.  

All the other devices are stuck at boot and aren't showing anything, which is a shame because it means we essentially got scammed.

Extreme Employee
Per the LED status info, 2 solid lights (if in code 5.x) means booting up. So as you said, may be stuck in boot mode.

It's tricky with these APs since they don't offer console access and we don't have any visibility into what settings, if any, had been previously configured. 

Try show lldp neighbor or show cdp neighbor from the switch to see if anything comes up that will allow us to access the AP. 

If AP is not accessible via the ge port and it's not seen by the controller and may be stuck in boot, looks like there is not much that can be done to recover it. 


Christoph S.