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AP7632 (firmware a few questions

AP7632 (firmware a few questions

New Contributor

Hello everybody!

I am new to the world of extreme AP`s and i have a few questions 🙂

I have 3 types of Ap`s- 6521,7622 and 7632. I updated the firmware to on all of them.

Also have 2 VC - one 6521 and one 7622.

6521 are wing express and they cant see the 7622 and 7632, which are only WING.

7622 sees only 7622 ap`s.

7632 sees all the AP`s.

1st question - can i make all app`s to be adopted by only 1 VC (for instance the 7622 VC, because its interface is not so difficult to understand).

2nd question - can i make the 7632 VC to adopt all other ap`s, and if it is possible, please tell me how to make a guest wi-fi on 7632.


New Contributor

Hello again!

I have another question


all app`s are online (7632), but when i log in to the VC i see this (see attached file).

I log in to every single ap, and uncheck that it is a VC, but this doesn`t help. How can i do it correct?

New Contributor

Hello again!

I am doing exact what is shown in the doc, but still i don`t have internet.


Extreme Employee

This may help!


Thank you,



Christoph S.

New Contributor

This is very usefull, but in ap7632 it is a bit more different.

Can you tell me where to find the steps to create NAT in ap7632?

Thank you in advance.


I am using WING v5.9, and the firmware is updated to