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WIPS alerts

I've enabled WIPS on several APs & their controller. I enabled all alerts available in the WIPS policy I created. I'm receiving many "excessive scanning" alerts from numerous devices but I can't find any information about this situation. What is "ex...

External Captive Portal

Hello, I've been trying to setup a hotspot with external custom captive portal and Radius authentication. i think i have setup everything ok, the login page loads up fine but when i click on sign in or clear field... i get the message "hotspot login...

Wireless Planning RSS HeatMap and Report Error

Hi, everyone I am trying to create a new wireless design but whenever I activate to see the RSS heatmap it shows me an error that could not be generated nor the report, since I try from several computers and several plans, is there any flaw in the...

AP7532 - Hide the default=gateway

Hello To you all I have just setup a network switch ( Avaya5520 ) it has two Vlans on it 1 and 10. So vlan 1 is on the Local Lan and VLAN10 goes out via an ADSL line the AP7532 is connected to a trunk port on the avaya. I have created two WLANS. 1)...