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AP8533 and 802.3at not working

AP8533 and 802.3at not working

New Contributor

i got problem with AP8533 and proper PoE powering. I got HP Procurve 2920 PoE+ switch and connected AP8533 but when i check details of this AP there is information that used standard is 802.3af.
There is no additional configuration on switch - default configuration on interfaces.

Below are power details from interface 1 switch:

Status and Counters - Port Power Status for port 1

Power Enable : Yes
LLDP Detect : enabled
Priority : low Configured Type :
AllocateBy : usage Value : 17 W
Power Class : 4 Detection Status : Delivering

Over Current Cnt : 0 MPS Absent Cnt : 0
Power Denied Cnt : 0 Short Cnt : 0

Voltage : 56.1 V Current : 187 mA
Power : 25.5 W Pre-std Detect : off


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What version of WiNG is loaded on the AP8533? (Can check to see if there are any known PoE related issues with that version of WiNG)

Can you try to connect the AP8533 to a completely different POE+ switch? (a different model than the HP 2920, maybe even a non-HP switch, to see if maybe there's some sort of compatibility related issue with that switch).

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I think I solve the problem
I have many procurve 2620, 2920 and 2530 switches and on some ports APs get 3at and on other get 3af power.
And there is no analogy. I check AP7532, AP7522 and AP8533. Completely random.
I tried to change many setting on ports starting from LLDP assignment ending on manually assignment. Nothing.
But ... I found some article about power assignment on HP switches:
There is a command "no lldp config [port] dot3TlvEnable poeplus_config" and it helps. (but this command is not visible in config). I have to check it is permanent change.