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APs don't get configuration from AP-Profile (AP7632-Virtual Controller)

APs don't get configuration from AP-Profile (AP7632-Virtual Controller)

New Contributor

Hi all


I facing a issue  APs not get configuration from profile


I have  AP7632 3 units


I set one of AP7632  as Virtual Controller


Virtual Controller status look well , All APs were online.


APs adoption by MiNT L2  broadcast on VLAN90


There are only one AP ‘s profile (default-ap7632).


Could you please suggest how to start troubleshooting .

Thanks for advance. 








Extreme Employee

You must ensure that all APs are running the same firmware version, otherwise the config push to the adopted APs will fail. All APs should be on same broadcast domain and no L3 boundaries between the VC and adopted APs. Typical VC deployments do not use MiNT L2, due to all APs are the same broadcast domain locally. 



New Contributor


There’ll be a good reason… “sho adoption xxx” will give clues

You’ll need an auto-provisioning-policy (can be generic for all devices) & a suitable profile for that model of AP. The profile is used to set all the values for the AP,.

The configuration on the primary AP probably already has one, and you can use that. Add the WLANs interfaces, etc to the profile & the next AP (once adopted) will get it all automatically.

Debugging adoption failures is all “sho adoption xxx”  question mark is your friend - try them all until you get the hang of what they all do. The only one which isn’t obvious is:

sho adop log adopte? 

You have to choose whose log you want to view - adopter or adoptee.

There’s going to be a clue in there somewhere like “no profile found” or some such.

Good luck.

PS - depending on code version, you may need “ use enterprise-ui” as the first config entry under the default profile for the AP.