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Bug GUI on AP7522 with WING -011R

Bug GUI on AP7522 with WING -011R

New Contributor III

Hello community


I just updated a small network (VC) of 18 AP7522 to version from version
Since I performed the update it is impossible for me to access the GUI. I have the message: 403 - Forbidden.

What I checked/tried :

The server is active in the config : http server and https server are active.

The firmware image is standard : no LEAN version ! 

The AP reboot didn't give anything.

The connection on another AP than the VC returns the same message.


I just did the test on an AP in my office and same problem.

If I downgrade to 5.9.6 the GUI works fine again 


Does anyone else have this problem as well? 
This bug is not indicated in the release note 

Thanks for your help


New Contributor III

Thanks Chris! 


But why Extreme to remove this Swift UI which was in HTML5 and very much nicer for customers? 

Why is this change not indicated in the release note? 


I have done a complete documentation for my client with the swift UI and now only entreprise UI  in FLASH is  available... why this backward step? 


I understand less and less the choices made by Extreme... .

Thanks for the tip .







Extreme Employee



This will resolve the issue:


Thank you,



Christoph S.