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Converting a tunneled network to a bridge network.

Converting a tunneled network to a bridge network.

We currently have a tunneled network setup and would like to convert it to a bridge network can anyone tell me the steps that i would need to take to make that happen so we can add more WAPs to our network ?


Extreme Employee
I believe that Robin provided you with instructions for centralized deployments whereas you may need the ones for WiNG.

1 - Make sure that all WLAN are mapped to correct vlans
2 - Change the WLAN bridging mode to Local:
3 - Make sure that ge 1 port on the APs are trunked and allow all vlans in configuration 
4 - Clean up config from any tunneling remnants

On your network, make sure that vlans are configured and allowed all the way to whatever destination you'd want your wireless clients to go. 


Christoph S.
Christoph S.

In doing so how many APs can i introduce and is there a license fee or is that just for the controller ?

Hello OGB,

The number of APs you can add depends on the licenses you have on the controller (licenses required) if adopting by the latter, but if adopting to a VC (no licenses required) then it depends on the AP model.

Thank you

Christoph S.
Christoph S.

If we moved to the 7500 hundred series controller could it support more then 256 APs in tunnel mode ?
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