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How do I block certain MAC addresses on Extreme Summit Switches?

How do I block certain MAC addresses on Extreme Summit Switches?

New Contributor
I want to be able to block certain MAC addresses on my Extreme Switches. I want ot stop certain devices from being able to connect to my network

New Contributor
Hi Paul,

we are using one L3 switch and 10 L2 switch in our organization. I would like to allow particular user through access list .So,is it possible for me if i create a ACL on L3 switch and its working for all users who are connected through our L2 switches.

Hi Shashank, yes you can create an ACL on the L3 switch to filter out specific streams arriving from the edge switches. If the 10 L2 switches terminate into a single VLAN on the L3 switch, you could create a single ACL and assign to the ingress traffic of the VLAN, otherwise, a single ACL could be created and applied to the ingress traffic of multiple ports. In the commands below, I refers to a policy file you'd have to create on the L3 switch
configure access-list vlan ingress
configure access-list ports ingressHow to create ACLs in EXOS

Extreme Employee
Hey Lazuardi.

Unfortunately if you use the create FDB command to blackhole a MAC you have to specify the VLAN so you would have to execute the command for all of the VLANS.

If you use an ACL you would still have to apply it to a VLAN or to all of the ports. When configuring an ACL on a port you can only have one policy file per port.

Hope that helps

New Contributor III
Hi Paul,

is it possible to set FDB entry to blackhole for such MAC addresses but for all VLANs (or many VLANs) without defining each MAC address one per VLAN?

Best regards,