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How to configure DHCP Server?

How to configure DHCP Server?

New Contributor
I'm configuring an AP8533 with Wing v5.8, and I have two different wlan (SSIDs) and I want to distribute different dchp one for each SSID.

At the moment I only have one DHCP server configured that is in a vlan1 virtual interface; I would like to know how to configure it.

Extreme Employee
WLC#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
WLC(config)#dhcp-server-policy vlan1
WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1)#dhcp-pool vlan1
WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1-pool-vlan1)#network A.B.C.D/M Network number and Mask
WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1-pool-vlan1)#network range x.x.x.x y.y.y.y
WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1-pool-vlan1)#default router A.B.C.D Router's IP address
WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1-pool-vlan1)#​dns-server x.x.x.x

WLC(config-dhcp-policy-vlan1-pool-vlan1)#commit write

Apply the newly created DHCP policy
WLC(config-device-B4-C7-99-6D-CF-45)#use dhcp-server-policy vlan1
WLC(config-device-B4-C7-99-6D-CF-45)#commit write

Extreme Employee
DHCP services are setup based on the networks they need to lease addresses to. You don't assign a DHCP server to an SSID (WLAN).
Normally you would have multiple SSIDs, each operating on different VLANs.
A DHCP server would be configured with address pools for the networks that the different VLANs represent. The DHCP service would then applied to either an access point or a controller.

So if you have SSID-1 and it's mapped to VLAN-1 and SSID-2 and it's mapped to VLAN-2, you would create a DHCP server and then setup two address pools. One for each VLAN.
VLAN-1 might be for subnet:
VLAN-2 might be for subnet:

Within each of those address pools you would also specify the IP address range for the addresses that would be handed out to the DHCP clients.

So if a client is looking for a DHCP service on VLAN-1, they could be doing this from the wired side or the wireless side. It doesn't matter. As long as they're on the VLAN-1 subnet, they will be served by the DHCP server and given an address that has been setup for the network. Same for the VLAN-2 network.

New Contributor
If so, I already have both DHCP, but I am not able to assign a DHCP to a specific SSID.

Extreme Employee
I'm assuming here that the other SSID will be operating on a different VLAN (something other than VLAN-1)

Here's a link to a guide for the GUI: