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How to reset wm3600

How to reset wm3600

New Contributor
Lost admin password to w3600. Need to know how to perform complete factory reset.

Hi OP,

I agree with Drew, it would be best to create a new conversation for this with a screenshot of the output.

However, taking a bit of a shot in the dark, is the baud rate set correctly? The WM3600's console port runs at 19200 baud, and most PuTTY and most other terminal emulators default to 9600 baud. A baud rate mismatch could lead to garbled text being seen.


Valued Contributor III
Hi OP,
Welcome to The Hub! Can you please create a new conversation and share with us a screenshot of the output you're seeing?
Also, let us know what version the controller is running.

My WM3600 is not connected through serial port. Showing some different characters. please help

Sorry Mike I assumed 5.x as it has been a while since we had 4.x Thanks for posting the steps for others.


Learned a bit more on this issue. If running 4.x the reset is different:

To restore Motorola Wireless Controllers to factory default from the login prompt:

Login to the controller with the following credentials:

WM3600 login: cli

User Access Verification

Username: restore

Password: restoreDefaultPassword

WARNING: This will wipe out the configuration (except license key) and user data under "flash:/" and reboot the device

Do you want to continue? (y/n):y