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NX5500 wing cluster

NX5500 wing cluster



How do i break up a working NX5500 wing cluster running version 7.5.1 and use just the one master controller again with the least amount of downtime.


Extreme Employee


This article may help:

In a working cluster, all APs should be adopted by the Primary controller. Simply remove the Standby controller and all cluster configs per above article. Only thing to watch out for are the licenses, if you have licenses installed on the Standby controller, contact GTAC so that we may move those over to the Primary controller. 


Christoph S.

New Contributor III

Hi, if you erase the cluster - related config in all cluster units (supposedly you have 2), that should do the trick. Safest way is to delete it from existing startup-config and reload the "clean" one again. If your WLANs are locally bridged (always recommended), there would be no downtime and 1 controller unit can do everything you need. Don't forget about the license sharing mechanism within cluster. All cluster units share their respective AP/AAP licenses, so once you break-up the cluster, every unit stays with their own licences. Once you break up the cluster, also disconnect the other unit(s), so that they don't cause adoption issues. (check for "adoption-site" string within startup-config: it's the name of the cluster or the MAC of the controller). And of course, the whole thing also depends on the used adoption/MINT levels. If you only use Layer 2 (MINT level 1 / alias MLCP VLAN), then you definitelly would want to only have  1 controller in the VLAN, through which the APs adopt. Also note that cluster settings "tend to hang/stick", make sure your profile and device level configs do what is intended. Also, changing the name of the cluster on one of the units, breaks up the cluster (but you would always see in the config tree that the devices are within cluster, even when it is defined only on 1 unit). But to get the most precise answer, you should share all the appropriate startup-config lines...

Extreme Employee

Simplest way is to just disconnect one of the controllers from the network. 🙂

But, are you maybe wanting to use both controllers in non-cluster mode and so need both on the network?