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Problems with DHCP Relay on VLANs

Problems with DHCP Relay on VLANs

New Contributor III
Hi Champs,

I have a RFS6000 with wing firmware and i'm trying to enable the DHCP RELAY on one of my vlans. But, when a check the box ''Respond to DHCP Relay Packets" and point the IP address on DHCP relay list, i get this error message:

Detail :Not Available
Message :Both, dhcp-relay-incoming and ip-helper-address, are configured on interface vlan1
ErrorPath :/wing-config/device[mac='B4-C7-99-6E-D4-30']
Severity :error
Type :Application Error

why DHCP relay and IP-helper are conflicting? Some configuration are incorrect?

Honored Contributor
You need a helper to forward a broadcast DHCP request to a unicast into another subnet/VLAN.
No need for a helper in the same subnet/VLAN.

As per the error you try to configure a helper that rx/tx on the same subnet/VLAN.