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RFS4000 and AP650's running old versions of Wing - need help upgrading.

RFS4000 and AP650's running old versions of Wing - need help upgrading.

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It's been a while since I managed a Wing based extreme networks wireless system, but we've just acquired a company with two RFS4000 units.

Hopefully someone will be in a position to offer advice/help.

One RFS4000 unit is in service running version the other one is a spare running No one knows the passwords. They have a selection of AP650's. Some are working the others aren't.

I've therefore setup a small test network with just the spare unit running which I factory reset and tried adopting one of the non working AP650's which is already running and it adopts, but it won't turn on the radio due to an invalid SKU. As far as I can tell this is something to do with ETSI and the unit needs to be on at least 5.4.1 in order for it to work. I also assume these rogue AP650's are somewhat newer than the original in service RFS4000 running 4.2.1...

I've managed to get hold of a firmware update file for the RFS4000 to take me to but have read elsewhere that I need to update the firmware on the AP650's to either 5.2.13 or 5.4 before I can go to 5.8.xxxx , the problem is these firmwares are so old they are no longer available on the extreme networks website and I've no idea where to get them from.

Obviously the ideal solution is to replace everything but in the meantime I need something more robust than what is currently there. Can someone confirm if I've read correctly that the AP650's need to go to this interim firmware update first (5.4) and if so any idea where I can get it.

Any help/advice/assistance gratefully received.




Extreme Employee

Hello Jeremy,

Correct you will have to go through 5.2.13 or 5.4 first. The AP650,s are supported in WiNG 5.9.0:


Christoph S.

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Also note, that when upgrading RFS4k from 4.2.1, you need to go through 4.3

I remember, there was quite a mess around 5.2.x versions, as they did follow multiple paths of functionality upgrades. (Read release notes for 5.4, as this was a consolidating version). I put some of the legacy Release Notes here, you can find all the details there: Release Notes If you need any of those firmware versions, contact me via email, we still keep all the FW versions from the very beginings of WING. (I'm one of those, who did deploy the first ones...they are refered to as CC in those old Release Notes).

Thanks , hadn't realised anyone had replied, I was expecting the system to generate an email notification.

useful to know about the upgrade issues from 4.2.1 as well. Although as I don't know the passwords I'll be building a replacement using the newer unit and getting it operational , and then factory resetting the old one to upgrade it as a spare. It's been a while since I configured one from scratch, I've usually only added to an existing config, so hope I'm up to the task.

I'll email you shortly. Thanks for the offer.


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Finally found the article that says I need to go to these firmwares first.