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Unable to discover all the sensor in Win-Mgr

Unable to discover all the sensor in Win-Mgr

New Contributor
Hi, I have configured the WiNG-MGR V3.6.0 and activated all sensors,  (Temperature, Humidity, etc.,) and I verified the led blink status. It's a test environment, so I put all the sensors near to Win-Mgr and the antenna's are placed as per the document. (A & B near the Win-Mgr and antenna C placed away). Since its test environment, we kept all the sensors & Manager on the floor and near each other (i.e., no obstacles). However, we are unable to discover the sensors and If we add the sensors manuallly, still the sensor status is inactive. Have tried all the possible ways, but no luck. How to fix the issue and any support pls.

Valued Contributor
I think you are at the wrong company, our WING devices are enterprise wifi 

i think you're looking for this:

Ahh, My bad. Thanks.