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How do you get around adoption throttling?

Migrating over device to vx900 and it seems to hang when reaching a certain number. In the mint mlcp history logs, I can see adoption throttling. There are no devices pending adoption or have config errors. How do you get around this?

NAT multiple access points

Two to three WING access point wireless network, same RF Domain - need to have one access point provide NAT for wireless clients. I have this working but with the overload address set to the access point's outside (vlan 1) address, when a client roam...

Air Defense - Licensing Details

Hi all, we searching for details and documents about AirDefense licenses. Requirements and so on. AD-SNFL-PA-1 AD-VASN-P-1 AD-CMC-P-1 AD-FESN-P-1 AD-FLRS-P-1 AD-FERS-P-1 AD-FLRS-P-100 Cheers Johannes