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WiNG AP 7522 is not managing with WiNG VX9000 controller?

WiNG AP 7522 is not managing with WiNG VX9000 controller?

New Contributor III
I am unable to manage the WiNG AP7522 to WiNG VX9000 controller, I have checked the firmware version of AP and Controller even though both are having the same firmware AP is not adopting with WiNG vx900 controller

Firmware:AP7522 & VX9000 version

Extreme Employee
The VX9000 is supplied into downloadable image images

image 1) VX9000-

This is the full image contains all software images for all support access point

image 2)VX9000-LEAN-

The lean image has had the AP software images removed to reduce the size of the software build

To confirm the software images installed

please use the following command

show device-image versions

This will list all software versions installed

AP's will also adopt even if the there is a software mismatch.

show adoption status

will tell you if the aps have been adopted, if there is a software mismatch this will show here.

Finally, the VX9000 does not automatically update the firmware

to manually update firmware please use

device-upgrade all

New Contributor III
See if the AP7522 firmware is also uploaded on the VX. Some customer mine has that same issue... the firmare is not by default on the VX.

Extreme Employee
Try setting the controller host on the AP, here are CLI commands :

AP(config-device )#controller host xx.xx.xx.xx
AP(config-device )#commit write

Extreme Employee
Are you sure that the AP7522 is not 'Express' version AP? Can you provide a full part number of the AP7522, you can get that via cli command ' sh version'