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Working with WiNG 5.8.5 and a aaa-policy for RADIUS authentication attributes

Working with WiNG 5.8.5 and a aaa-policy for RADIUS authentication attributes

New Contributor II
Looking for information on the WiNG 5.8.5 aaa-policy authentication attirbutes, in particular the "attribute location-information". I have multiple sites that I need to uniquely identify based on RADIUS authentication requests.

What exact information is being passed in the authentication request if the attribute location-information is set to" include-always"? RF-Domain name? RF-Domain location?

New Contributor II
I was hoping to just pass along the RF-Domain name as the location. The AP Self has a location of "stock room 3rd floor" or something similar. I cannot go into each AP and change that information for support reasons. IS there a way to just send the RF-Domain name in the RADIUS attributes?

As much i'm aware the priority always go with self.

Extreme Employee
Hi Shay Weir,

Adding to Ondrej's response

The location-attribute is filled with

1: location configured under self of the device.

2: If location is not configured under self, it looks for location configured under rf-domain.

3: if location in not configured under rf-domain , it will be filled with rf-domain name.

Extreme Employee
Hi Shay,

We are using Civil Location Information Format rather than Geospatial Location Information Format.

Looking into captures I done here, the location is being provided based on AP's location.
See configured location for AP


See results seen in RADIUS-Request for Location-Data


And Location-Information


You can find little more explanation under IETF RFC5580 here and here

Please find also some an old but gold guide for specific RADIUS attributes under WiNG system.
More documents can be found under this portal link