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AP310 unable to locate rf-domain manager

Hi. I'm having trouble viewing the dashboard. I have a network of 42 AP310s. The virtual controller makes one AP310. WiNG version is 7.7.1 The dashboard does not display any adopted APs. The adoption of all APs is OK. "ap310-76F24E conf...

MartinM by New Contributor
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AP7532 not reaching maximum power

Hi there,  We have a deployment with AP7532 located in a warehouse with a height about 14m, we are trying to configure the maximum power for the APs to have  better performance but while standing right below the AP we are just reaching -70dBm aprox, ...

vJQJciFpRPqEWFfEcrYc_Radio Statistics Screen.jpeg
adf10 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Correct AP-310e console cable

Hi,   Will these cables shown below work with the AP-310e as a console cable?   Will this USB-to-RJ45 console cable work with the AP-310e console port? Can Putty be on the Win10 laptop and connect to the AP with just the cable?   Putty>    Win10 lapt...

LarryK by New Contributor
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WiNG and plink?

Any idea why is my plink setup does not work? start C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe -ssh admin@ -pw password -m C:\Users\user\Desktop\input.txt > C:\Users\user\Desktop\output.txt 2>&1 I basically want to enter list of "show" commands wit...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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