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We're Migrating The Hub to a New Provider!

We're Migrating The Hub to a New Provider!

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Hello Community,
I'm excited to share the news that we'll be migrating The Hub to a new community platform next month! The provider we've decided to go with is inSided.

We'll be making this change on November 29th. As such, the current GetSatisfaction community will become read-only on the evening of November 26 so that we can migrate everything (and everyone) over. Your account, points, posts, and comments will transfer. This change comes with a handful of awesome and frequently-requested new features, including a new gamification system for earning recognition among your peers.

I'll post an FAQ in a few weeks to help answer any questions or concerns. We'll also have tutorials and guides prepared to make this transition as smooth as possible.

In the meantime, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Glad to have all of you along for the ride!


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THE HUB once again will continue to set the standard for how a vendor support group and forum should be run. All great improvements and enhancements are very welcome and appreciated.

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Thanks for the praise! We couldn't do it without users like you!

Glad to have you along for the ride.

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What sort of other benefits do you see coming down the pike with the change?
One of the things I'm excited about is the ability to@mention a user and send private messages. There's also a much better text editor. The new community includes better topic tracking to help ensure questions are noticed so they're more likely to get a response.
Most of you have noticed the points system here, commonly referred to as "gamification." We'll keep using a gamification system to encourage participation, but we'll upgrade it by adding ranking and badges based on that participation and areas of expertise.Users will also have the ability to include attachments with posts, which we'll tie to a certain ranking.

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gamification system

microtransactions and season pass confirmed 🙂