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100mbps copper gbic

100mbps copper gbic

New Contributor
Hi Community,

I am looking for recommendations on 100Mbps copper GBICs that are compatible with N/S/K series and Secure Stack series switches. Does anyone have any first-hand experience?

Thanks in advance,
Mike G


New Contributor
Just to add a bit of weight to the request.

We have a similar requirement for a 100Mb FE SFP interface.

The scenario:
We use the C5K175-24 switch as a distribution switch at some of our campuses/depots to connect various buildings via fibre SFP.

The problem is that we use XSR-18xx series routers (X.21 Interfaces being a requirement at certain sites and QoS on XSR is much easier to configure in any case than on a C5).
Also, the XSR-1800 series only has two 100Mbps FE ports.

The above C5K only supports 1Gbps (via SFP).
Yes, we could ad an (Entersys) MGBIC-02 to the switch, but that only operates at 1Gbps.

Our work-around thus far is to install an additional 24 Port A4H switch and use tagged ports then to get the various vlans via a 100Mbps port to the XSR router.

I was hoping the MGBIC-100BT would work, but that does not appear to be compatible with C5 series (according to the Tranceiver Data Sheet of July 2013).

I was also investigating the "Extreme 10/100/1000BASE-T, SFP, Hi" module (Part Number: 10070H) but cannot determine if it would be compatible with C5K devices.

So I will be watching this with interest.

Kind regards,

Eugene van Heerden
City of Cape Town

Extreme Employee

Hello Mike,

The switch microcode relies on a pre-programmed part number string to identify this transceiver. The switch port adjusts mode and rate configuration to fit. One side effect: the supported range of sfp types is exactly one. Programmed in-house.
You may get a bit of led activity or some other weak sign of life - but it's not reasonable to expect a standard 100m copper mgbic to function here. You should give that guy swapping sfp's a break. And some encouragement.

The situation is less than optimal I know and I'm sorry for this problem.
People here who plan such things have been working on solving this. Stay tuned.
When I hear information worth forwarding I'll be sure to communicate it here first.


New Contributor
Thanks for the information Mike. The copper 100Mb SFP in the secure stacks are not too important for our use case. However, I have tried two different 100Mb copper SFP in the modular products with no luck. Is there a specific spec that I need to look for in these 100Mb SFPs that are compatible with the N/S/K?

I see mention on some copper SFPs "complies with SFP Multi-Source Agreements standards (MSA)" Is this necessary? Other specific requirements to be compatible?

Mike G

Extreme Employee
Hello Mike,

Extreme has no custom solution for this.
The SecureStack's dont support this combination - 100Mb copper sfp.
The S/N/K hardware and firmware support the 100Mb copper sfp and you'll find this in release notes, spec sheets etc, however our manufacturer no longer produces/carries these. There's a good bit of the product out there. We just do have them to sell.

In the event the info might help planning, the modular products will support a dual speed copper sfp (1g, 100m) in the 8.42 firmware branch. Note that F/W 8.41 is pending release this week or maybe next.
I wouldn't be able to speculate about release dates for 8.42.

Mean time the 8 port D2 switch handily supports multi-speed copper if you're shopping simple alternatives. This may also be your workaround for the lack of 100copper sfp support on the SecureStacks. The D2's should be about the same price as a transceiver. Maybe a little more that the price of 1 xceiver - but dont quote me.
Hope that helps.

Best regards,