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reset 800 series factory defaults

reset 800 series factory defaults

New Contributor
Hi there!

I recently got a 08G20G2-08 and after setting some basic configurations through the web console, I am now unable to get into the switch either through the web console or ssh. I don't see a factory reset button on my switch so I am wondering how to reset the device manually as I am not experienced with Serial/RJ45 console management.

Extreme Employee
I have updated the article now with those further commands so you should see the updated version when you follow the same link as before

Extreme Employee
Hi Ben,

If you have locked yourself out of user accounts or changed a setting that means you no longer have ip or snmp access then you will need to try to get a serial console connection on there i'm afraid.

Once you get a local console connection you may have access to then change the configuration with the admin login account.

If you are locked out of all accounts then you will need to go into password recovery mode. The following public knowledgebase article gives you details of how to do this:

Once you are in password recovery mode, as well as the reset password admin command, there are also 2 other commands that are not documented in that article that may be of use to you.

- “reset account” to clear all user accounts
- “reset config” to reset configuration to factory default.

I will edit the article to add those commands for the future.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

New Contributor III
If you have more than one 800-Series unit, it's possible that the default IP address of on multiple units in the same network is leading to your observed loss of connectivity:

Assuming you can then get into management, the "
" command will clear all configuration settings.
If you still can't get into management, at this time I see no external procedure that will clear all configuration settings. I'll keep digging, but in the meantime please advise regarding your result.

Extreme Employee
Hi Ben,

You can find the password reset procedure for an 800 series in this KB article.

Unfortunately, this does require console access. The serial settings for this switch are in this KB article.