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SecureStack as DHCP Server

SecureStack as DHCP Server

New Contributor
What are the advantages/disadvantages of using our B5 SecureStack switches as a DHCP server?

We current use Windows 2008 servers to handle DHCP. For those of you who use your switches as the DHCP server what has your experience been like?

Thank you.

New Contributor

The B5 resources allow for only 256 DHCP addresses to be handed out.
The DHCP server capabilities on the B5 switch are designed for small remote office locations.

New Contributor

The advantage I see to use a switch as DHCP private messenger, is that you have a point less than defect in your network.

A server would have to have a network cable and a door attached to it and a whole configuration on the network for it to reach the target machines. Such as the DHCP relay switches or routing between Vlans.

To put DHCP switches in the Vlans not need to be routed to see.

Thank you!

New Contributor III
I have never used an extreme switch as a DHCP server but have used other network devices in that capacity. I usually did it as a one off solution where there was no other better suited infrastructure available to handle DHCP. A (very) small remote office for example. I prefer to use a more robust and manageable solution like a windows or IPAM.