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Showing Other Machines

Showing Other Machines

New Contributor

Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone could provide some information on an issue I've been seeing pop up.  I've noticed that whenever I do a machine lookup based on their name, Extreme will bring back other machines that have no relation to the machine in question. For example, if I look up TEST4 it'll list TEST4 at the top, and below it will show machines such as RED6, YELLOW5, etc. 

I'm wondering, is there something that I can do to clean it up so it doesn't constantly show me other machines when I'm looking up another. 

Thanks in advance for any help with this!


Extreme Employee

Hello @BSand453,

Please reproduce and provide us with a screenshot of whole page including filters?

Does it work if you search by MAC / IP address or are you seeing the same thing?


Christoph S.