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XMC Alarm Mail Delay Config

XMC Alarm Mail Delay Config

New Contributor
Hi All,

I have alarm config on xmc, it's emailing me when device down and all working fine.
There are a lot of locations in the company and there can be electricity issues in short-term, approx 5 mins.
I don't want to get email in this 5 minutes, I just want it to wait for 5 minute and if still in down state then email me.

I want to know if I have an option in xmc like " email me when device down after 5 minutes" like delay email action. Because in five minutes the device comes up generally.

Thanks for your help

Extreme Employee

The firts alarm should trigger workflow to go this path:


Consequent alarms should go this path:



What version of workflow do you have? for XMC 8.4 you need to have workflow v10.


Regards Zdeněk Pala

New Contributor II

Ok great.

I attached the workflow to the Link Up and Link down Alerts but I’m not getting an email.

The workflow dashboard shows that the workflow completed and I  know email settings are properly configured

Not sure what the issue is.

This is what i see in the workflow output:

Script Name: Aggregated report Link Status_Set_Sempahore
Date and Time: 2020-02-06T11:50:44.569
XMC User: NetSight Server
XMC User Domain:


Extreme Employee

Yes the counter is based on workflow name.

you can copy the workflow and assign the workflow to different alarm.

Regards Zdeněk Pala

New Contributor II

Can the Aggregated report Device down workflow only be used with the Device Down alert?

I like the idea of this workflow a lot but would like to use it in any alert like ,link down or AP down alerts as well.