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Resolved! exam Access Wireless MIA

Anyone that could see the exam for Access Wireless (IdentiFi) on the training portal ?! I'd like to take the exam but there isn't one ... at least on my portal page. Thanks, Ron


can't access Extreme Dojo

If I click on the "Access to Extreme Dojo" Icon on the Partner Portal I get the below error and can't get access... "The username could not be retrieved from the IdP and is required" -Ron

individual snmptraps via syslog and upm

hello again, i'm trying to generate snmp traps via syslog messages with an upm profile. in this example the switch should send a trap when an authentication fails. " create upm profile authfail in the profile: create snmp trap severity notice ...

Resolved! Show IP address of specific port

I had a switch "dissapear" from our network but it is still plugged in to the appropriate port. In short, the switch on that port has an IP, internet connectivity and packets can move between our vlans but I cannot ping the switch or the devices it's...