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Converting/using training EDUs

Converting/using training EDUs

New Contributor III
We have purchased some training units ("TR-ELT-EMEA") and I have a certificate number for these.

On the certificate it seems to suggest going to the old training webpage and registering, but I can't find anything on the new education portal where we can use these.

How can these units be converted into actual training?



Extreme Employee
All part numbers TR-ELT or TR-EDU are valid to be used on the new Learning Portal. To login to the new portal please go to the new ExtremePortal and log-in using your credentials (old Extranet Credentials). Once authenticated please navigate to 'Training and Certifications' which will redirect you to the new Learning Portal.
When you log in to the new Learning Portal if you have any valid ELT or EDU units these will show in your account as available voucher credits, you can add courses to your basket and use these credits as payment.

If credits do not show as available then please add the course to your basket, select 'Register Only Pay by PO' and then in the box asking for 'Name or Sales Order#' please enter the SO Number from the certificate you have. We will then be able to find the order.

Any issues then please email


Kerr Glen

Global Training & Services Operations Manager / Extreme Networks