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Extreme now has proctored exams

Extreme now has proctored exams

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Wow, for years I have been taking Extreme Certifications for every product line. When people ask what Certs I have, I tell them, and answer the follow up question "Who is Extreme Networks!" Never have they been monitored, until now...Thanks Extreme you have finally reached CISCO level. I don't know what else to say, very disappointed.

Here is from the Technical Training Data Sheet:

"Extreme Networks technical training exams are considered high- stakes exams and are independently proctored by ProctorU, with one attempt of the related exam included within the standard course fee (this is regardless of whether the student has completed instructor-led training or self-paced eLearning).Further exam attempts can be purchased if required at an additional cost of $395. All exams can be registered for and administered within the Extreme Networks Learning Portal using an individual’s existing portal log-in. Students have

1 hour to complete the exam. An exam will be considered Passed with a score of 75% or above."

PS your not a high-stakes Cert!!! The last few acquisitions you have become less and less Extreme, I see all the quality Engineers leaving, and your customer loyalty waning. I guess it is all about the money. This is how you stay in 3rd place!

Less likely to lead Purple!


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As a customer, I'm wondering how the Partners are handling the removal of the higher level certifications such as ECE and ECA? I received notification that my ECE is up for re-certification only to discover there is no longer an ECE or ECA offering.

I reached out to the training team for clarification and direction and was informed "The ECE doesn't exist anymore so these are individual certifications that have broken away from it" and "you can take these [ECS exams] individually". The issue is these multiple ECS certifications that were 'broken away from ECE' were always required to obtain ECE. Students then had the option of enrolling in additional courses to either re-certify ECE, obtain an additional ECE certification such as ECE-Security or ECE-Networking depending on the track, or to be eligible to test for ECA once both ECE were obtained and the lab completed in Salem, NH.

The official response from Extreme is to re-take all the lower level exams instead of taking one Expert level exam to re-certify at the current level or continuing up the certification pathway advancing to another certification level. This is a direct conflict with how certification levels work and an insult to those who already achieved the higher level certifications to be informed they don't even exist anymore. I was informed my thoughts were passed on and someone will be in touch in a few days to explain what's next for Extreme and the courses that are in development.

Many students in the courses taken with Extreme, when asked by the Instructor why they were taking the courses, replied it was required by their employer to maintain Expert level certification. Curious what the community feedback is now that there is no ECE or ECA and to see if anyone else is facing similar challenges.

Question... how do I actually get access to the eBooks? I bought the eLearning course - just Brainshark video sessions, no eBooks or similar. A colleague bought just the exam, same, no eBooks. What am I missing??

An now the wonderful app used for the books has started crashing on my computer. I can't read up on the material to study for my test. I've uninstalled and reinstalled application with same results. Have to love progress....

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2 Months without any feedback to the other issues.

@Rohan - that is what I call rude.

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Probably listening to the radio ???