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I am trying to upgrade an X440G2 switch from to and am getting this error:Error: Failed to download image - Error: File could not be unwrapped.Searching hasn't revealed anything useful, what does this error mean specifically?
I've had one member of a two member virtual chassis crash/reboot.  A few logs: <Noti:DM.Notice> Slot-1: Slot-2 being Rebooted<Noti:DM.Notice> Slot-1: Slot-2 being Rebooted <Info:DM.Info> Slot-1: nodemgr setting Slot-2 state to REBOOTING (Slot is stuc...
I looked in the XOS User Guide to get some idea of how to properly configure EAPS with CFM, but the section on "Configuring EAPS with CFM Support" really looks to not have much content.  I found a discussion thread about it, but for some reason the p...
I'm fairly certain that you cannot have a two member EAPS 'ring', but from browsing haven't been able to find confirmation of that.  Could someone confirm?  If EAPS is not an option, would ERPS, or STP, be the only other options for a setup of two sw...
I’m trying to find a 4 post RMK for the X460G2 model of switch.  We have a 2 post RMK right now, but the switches are sagging in the back.We have a 4 post RMK for X450G2, but that kit won’t work for the X460G2, as they X460G2 doesn’t have the nobs on...