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 IP Firewall Rule - IP range

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Hans posted 05-06-2022 07:58
We want to create an IP Firewall rule in the IP Firewall policies to allow traffic only to an IP-RANGE. However it seems we only can configure a hostname or an IP-address, not an entire ip-range. Is this correct?
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Patrick Coughlin Best Answer
Hello Hans,

Unfortunately you cannot specify an IP range as an IP Firewall rule, our system is not set up for that.

Patrick C
Extreme Networks
Associate Technical Support Engineer
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Sam Pirok
You should be able to create an IP range object, and then apply it to the IP firewall rules to block an entire range of IP addresses. This guide reviews how to do this. Is that what you were looking for?
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Hello Sam

We already tried this, however you can not use the IP-range (only an hostname, ip-address of a host or network (not range)) in the firewall policy.