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 "End of support" and "End of life" of extreme products

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Vicent3 posted 01-10-2022 16:28
Hi team,

I want to know what is the date of "End Of support" and "End Of life" for switches 220-24t-10GE2, I have a search on the extreme web page but there is no information available.


Could you help me with this.

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Sam Pirok
Hi Vicent, thanks for reaching out. It looks like that product has not been given any End of Support or End of Life data as of yet, they are still sold and fully supported. Once we do announce any end of life dates for this product, we will list it on the End of Sale page you pasted the link to. Also, once we do announce any end of life date, the product will still be supported for another 5 years after that. 

Is that what you were looking for? Please let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have any further questions.