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 # chassis fan airflow-direction

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Russ posted 10-25-2021 20:01
Hi all,

I'm going to be swapping out power supplies and fans in a VDX VCS cluster, and as part of the change is to run the command # chassis fan airflow-direction. I've looked at the documentation and also on the CLI but there doesn't seem to be an option to apply direct to a switch via the RB option.

So my question is when you run this command is it applied to all switches in a VCS cluster at once or a switch at a time? What is the result of applying this command? I do understand the switch needs to be reloaded as part of the process.
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Truyen Phan Best Answer
This command is a local command to the switch instead of a VCS command (via RB option). So, it needs to be done per switch.
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Thanks Truyen