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  • 1.  computer plugged into phone

    Posted 10-30-2017 03:25
    i have my polycom phone plugged into pirt one anand my computer plugged into my phone . i am trying to get the phone to pass it of port 36 where i jave my phone router plugged in and my computer data out of port 34 where my computer router is plugged in. i tried tagging the voice vlan whichbi have at 85 and untagging the data vlan which is 5 . it doesnt work . how do i get this to work. . it is c3 . this is eOS not

  • 2.  RE: computer plugged into phone

    Posted 10-30-2017 06:30
    Hi Benzion,
    if your phone and computer is connected to port 1 and the phone works tagged in VLAN 85 then I guess you should do:
    set port vlan ge.1.1 5 modify-egress
    (that set port 1 untagged to VLAN 5 for the computer) and
    set vlan egress 85 ge.1.1 tagged
    (that set port 1 to send out traffice for VLAN 85 tagged)
    If your computer router and your phone router works untagged, then use:
    set port vlan ge.1.36 85 modify-egress
    set port vlan ge.1.34 5 modify-egress

    If this will not work, pls. show us a
    show vlan portinfo port ge.1.1
    show vlan portinfo port ge.1.34
    show vlan portinfo port ge.1.36


  • 3.  RE: computer plugged into phone

    Posted 10-26-2018 13:26
    This didn't work for me, but what finally did is simpler: Key concept: An OS like Windows will automatically shut the laptop off when it THINKS the battery is low, even if the voltage is still OK. BIOS setup will let it run until power is truly gone and the voltage drops too low.
    1) With the battery in and the laptop plugged in, turn it on.
    2) Immediately go into BIOS setup. Hit ESC, DEL, F8, F2, whatever your laptop takes.
    3) Do not leave setup. Just let it sit there. 3) Unplug the laptop, but leave the battery in
    4) Let the battery drain until the laptop shuts off due to lack of voltage.
    5) Plug it back in and boot it up. Presto! The battery fully charges.

  • 4.  RE: computer plugged into phone

    Posted 04-23-2022 10:14
    This is really old tech. The new systems are far more powerful with more connectivity features. See some in Africa at  2dotsmarket.com