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 configuration of Multiple BGP links on a single port interface to seperate jisc location though same AS

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Rod Robertson posted 05-25-2022 07:27


I have a requirement to change the current bgp Jisc ( janet connections ) from a single link and single neighbour, with all the policy entries to support this.

I now have a requirement to actuall add another vlan on the same interface to jisc , where the remote neighbour is at another location.

So the basic network configuration is very normal ..

What I do not understand is do I modify the existing policy files , for example

conf bgp neighbor route-policy in BGP_IN_FROM_JANET

or do I need to create a  new policy for the  new link as it has a different neighbor  though the same AS number

The same discussion re bgp export ospf-internal1 xxx export_policy_from_ospf , do I need a rule per link ?

I look forward to your comments

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Hi Rod,

The 'configure bgp neighbor .... route-policy' commands apply per neighbor, not per link. They limit which routes are advertised to, or filtered from, the specified neighbor which does not happen on the link level.

For the 'enable bgp export' commands, those are global commands that apply to the BGP process in general, which would apply to all neighbors for that BGP process.

Hope that helps!