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 Where are loggend the authenticated dot1x users in Site engine?

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Antonio Opromolla posted 06-19-2022 11:34
I use the log file tamAudit.log file for defined an alert criteria of my web authenticated users:
tamAudit.login manner to trigger as action a workflow (and I use nother custom criteria when the user is removed for run a different workflow).
But I don't found in the log files all the user that ExtremeControl authenticate with for example by 802.1x or with Kerberos authentication method.
Where are these evetns loggend on site engine?
If are not logged, there is a manner to log these events?
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Ryan Yacobucci
tamAudit.log will only capture information for users who register to the captive portal.

If you want to trigger actions based on authentication in Control go to Configurations --> Notifications. Here you can create a notification on say "Accept State" to perform an action based on an authentication. I would suggest caution using this tool as if there are a large number of authentications being handled configuring this tool to perform notification on every authentication can overrun the alarms processing system in XMC/XIQ-SE.

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Antonio Opromolla
Thanks Ryan for these ​details.