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Resolved! vSLX - issue powering on virtual chassis.

Hi,I installed vSLX 2.3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 system and I’m using slxos 20.1.1 as OS. I followed the installation instructions in slx-20.1.1-vslx-guide.pdf and installed the whole thing into a KVM VM with CPU=host setting and nested virtualization turne...

JanZorz by New Contributor
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freeradius with SLX 9540 and Active Directory

Does anyone have any experience with setting up radius authentication when proxying an AD on an SLX9540? I can get the user to login, but it sets everyone at the user level, so they can’t go into configuration mode or anything. I have tried setting a...

cvc_lukes by New Contributor
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Resolved! SLX 9740 20.2.3 BGP not running

HiIm facing some problem with BGP on SLX9740BGP is configured but:show ip bgp summary all-vrfs  -----------------------------------------------------------------------             VRF: default-vrf------------------------------------------------------...

Pawe by New Contributor
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SLX 9740 and VRF local-as

Is there really no option to create VRF with different local-as on SLX9740 ?Cant find any option to do this… and also cant find any manual that explain that it is possible

Pawe by New Contributor
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MTU size on bridge domains SLX

I have a P2P circuit across several SLX 9540’s with the pw-profile of 9190 set in the bridge domain at each end. However, the end user at each side, cannot ping anything above 1500 MTU across this circuit. I have verified that the global mtu 9216 set...

JustinH by New Contributor
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