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Replicating a Cisco QinQ Config

Hi Guys,I am trying to figure out how to replicate a current config we have on a Cisco 9500 on one of our Extreme SLX 9640’s. The setup is basically we have a 100G port from a provider in an NNI style, so they shove multiple VLAN’s at us down this NN...

ben645 by New Contributor
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SLX 9850-having issues with switches linking up

Hello all-We have a 9850 chassis that we are migrating circuits to from our legacy NetIron MLX. I’ve ran into some strange issues with Ruckus 7150 switches linking up to the 9850’s. The 9850 ports are 1G/10G capable and the switch I am connecting to ...

JustinH by New Contributor
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Resolved! How many bgp sessions can slx9250/9740 handle?

I’m working on a new network design and we will deploy metallb to setup many bgp sessions with slx9250/9740. I would like to ask how many peers can they handle as I cannot find this information from datasheet. Thanks.

peterq by New Contributor
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