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vdx 6740 NOS - vlan's IP / VE IP addresses

hi everyone With Dell switches (where I come from) if I assign an IP to VLAN, stack (OS) takes care of that IP in terms of "floating" the IP between member switches, lets say if a member switch goes offline that IP is always accessible(as long as at...

vdx 6740 - ACL or what?

hi gents I have a vlanAA with an interface IP, say, which is an uplink to the "outside" I have more vlans in my logical chassis. I'm looking for recommendation, suggestion on how to best: a) protect(deny) from/against the outside,...

Resolved! VDX's 7.3.0 Logical Chassis Mode Issue

Hello Guys, I havn't worked on these since NOS 6X, I have recently started to configure these units again and upgrade to 7.3.0aa (latest) I read somewhere that fabric cluster mode was retired (which is fine) - but mine seems to be in fabric cluster ...

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