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VDX Spanning Tree with VCS and Cisco Config Check

I have two VDX 6740 switches I inherited when I started here. They have VCS configured between them. I'm not exactly sure how VCS works with Spanning Tree but I assume Spanning-tree doesn't need to happen over the VCS enable links. Right? The per...

vdx-6740b - no console prompt!

hi guys, I have a minicom linking to console port on vdx-6740b and when I power up the switch I see boot process goes seemingly fine, but when that completes I do not get prompt, no response. A series of "Enter" strokes but switch remains silent...

Looking for VDX 8770-4 MIBs, ver 5.0.1d

Hello - Been looking around for some MIBs for a VDX 8770 running NOS 5.0.1d. Some quick background: changing monitoring platforms from Solarwinds to PRTG. PRTG doesn't really have any native MIBs for Brocade gear. I found the MIBs for NOS 5.0.2 fr...

jm_ne by New Contributor
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FCoE problem in a VCS Fabric

Hi all, I'm working on a network topology as following Brocade VDX are configured as VCS Fabric - Logical Chassis mode and also, using VDX6740 I enable FCoE on some interface. On SAN side, I saw correctly FCoE login from both VDX, so either on int...

Apply ACL to ISL port

I want to apply ACL to VDX ISL port. However, the following error message occurs when applying: Bottom_SW1(conf-if-fo-1/0/49)# ip access-group Test_ACL out %% Error: Edgeport configurations are not allowed on ISL ports. Shutdown interface to apply s...