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VDX6740T Issue + Firmware Upgrade help

Hi there.We have a Brocade VDX6740T-1G which up until recently was acting normal. Currently I not able to SSH, telnet or ping it from any of the connected vlans or core switch. There have been no changes on switch or network that would of affected th...

Doppel by New Contributor
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Change Airflow and make the OS recognize the change

I changed the airflow with command chassis fan...It seems that the direction was changed, but the show bare-metal output:-- Power Supplies --PS1 is faultyPS2 is faulty-- Fan Status --Fan 1 is FaultyFan 2 is FaultyFan 3 is FaultyFan 4 is FaultyFan 5 i...

mt by New Contributor
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Resolved! Password recovery again

Good morning all, I am trying to reset a previous admins password on a vdx however they have set a boot prom password so I am unable to reset. Could anyone help with the string please?xz6WtW6po6.eIVIyKTMagg== many thanks Marc  

Marc7 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Brocade VDX - IPv6

Hello Experts,I see below two routes v6 on the switch, I did not configure them but it's there even after wiping the config.extreme01# show ipv6 route IPv6 Routing Table for VRF "default-vrf"Total number of IPv6 routes: 2'[x/y]' denotes [preference/m...

pawarpavan by New Contributor III
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Brocade VDX 7.0.3a - PBR with IPv6

Hello Experts,Does VDX support PBR with IPv6.I have configured IPv6 standard and extended ACL , matched them in route-map then set ipv6 next-hop lastly applied route-map to the interface but traffic is not being routed as per policy. So want to confi...

pawarpavan by New Contributor III
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