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VDX6740 : VRRP-Ev3-IPv4

VDX6740 : VRRP-Ev3-IPv4

New Contributor III

Hello Experts,

Does VDX 6740(7.3.0aa) support VRRP-Ev3 with IPv4, I did not find the option on the switch to configure it, I also referred to the document but it only talks about VRRP-Ev3 IPv6

Is VRRP-Ev3-IPv4 supported?

-Pavan Pawar


It doesn't look like we have an option to configure ipv4 vrrp-e v3. We only have ipv6 vrrp-e v3 support.

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Extreme Employee

Hello Pavan Pawar,

vrrp-e (ipv4) is supported on 7.3.0aa. It has to be configured under the rbridge. Pg 1172


Hello Deep,

Thanks for taking a look at the request.

I can enable the vrrp-extended on the switch for IPv4 but there is no option to enable VRRP version 3 under it, Refer to config snip :

extreme01(config)# rbridge-id 1

extreme01(config-rbridge-id-1)# protocol vrrp

extreme01(config-rbridge-id-1)# protocol vrrp-extended

extreme01(config-rbridge-id-1)# int ve 100

extreme01(config-rbridge-Ve-100)# ip address

extreme01(config-rbridge-Ve-100)# vrrp-extended-group 100 ?

Possible completions:

  advertise-backup                Enable periodic backup advertisement messages

  advertisement-interval          1-255(sec) for VRRPv2, VRRPE and 100-40900(mili sec) for VRRPv3

  advertisement-interval-scale    Ipv4 session advertisement interval scale factor <1|2|5|10>

  arp                             Modify ARP requests

  backup-advertisement-interval   Set Backup advertisement interval

  description                     Interface specific description

  enable                          Enable Session

  hold-time                       Configure hold time for this session

  preempt-mode                    Set preempt mode for the session

  priority                        Set router priority within virtual router

  short-path-forwarding           Enable backup router to send traffic

  track                           Interface to be tracked

  virtual-ip                      Set virtual IPv4 address

  virtual-mac                     Virtual MAC


It doesn't look like we have an option to configure ipv4 vrrp-e v3. We only have ipv6 vrrp-e v3 support.


is it software version specific or hardware specific