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Access Point 3805i for use in the Cloud

Access Point 3805i for use in the Cloud

New Contributor II
We have some access point 3805i part number WS-3805i and would like to do a "Cloud" installation. Is it sufficient to just acquire cloud service, for example: 91000-30913? Is the firmware that came with this model ready for this? I know there is a "cloud-ready" part-number (30913) but can I use the ones that I have for this purpose?

Extreme Employee
Hi Casimiro,

No the standard WS-AP3805i is not supported by ExtremeCloud(TM). Those APs do not have the necessary infrastructure to connect to ExtremeCloud(TM)

You need to actually purchase the WS-AP3805i-ROW (30913) model and with it the corresponding Cloud service entitlement.

If you have the -ROW now pn 30913, All you need to do is purchase the entitlement - 91000-30913. You do not have to purchase new aps.

Thanks, Paulo.

New Contributor
It should work to just purchase the entitlement. They will need the serial number when ordering and they will need to be factory defaulted. Note : sometimes very early early-release 3805is do not have the proper cloud cert and will not work. I should imagine that would be determined by serial number when attempting to purchase.

New Contributor II

as far as I know you need the 30913 item no. to do a cloud installation - I am quite sure you have to get some "cloud ready" ones.