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Advice on Upgrading from

Advice on Upgrading from

New Contributor III
Hello, I need some guidance on upgrading our Netsight server.

We have an older Dell sever (64-bit, 4gb ram, 250gbhdd) running Netsight We have on order two C35's to replace our C25's and we are adding about 40 more AP's. We have a captive portal and NAC and the NMS-100 license. We have the policy manager and some policy's setup as well. We do not have a purview license though we use Oneview's web portal. I didn't set this up originally and have taken over the server and tasks.

It appears from the release notes that I should at the very least upgrade to as that includes the C35 support.

However in reviewing some of the materials it looks like the jump to would be a good option. I believe I have to convert my license as well but that's something that can be done online I believe.

So the question is what if anything would/should prevent me from just getting to the current software?

Major concerns are order of upgrade, I believe it's Netsight, NAC and then Identfi Wireless. It does look like I have to upgrade at least to before heading to 8.x which is sort of prompting the questions I have.

Other major concern, NAC and Policy's what should I be on the look out for etc.

Was hoping that someone with a bit more experience in upgrades could take a moment and provide some insight or links to key articles. I'm digging around but I'm sure I'm missing things.


Extreme Employee
If you wanted to re-configure from scratch you could, depending on the size of the installation it may be easier.

Here is a guide on migration:


New Contributor III
Well it's interesting how the day goes, it seems I have been approved to get a new server that will actually meet the version 8.x "medium" installation. 2CPU/16cores/64gb/600gb

So when the new hardware arrives, I'm assuming there's a migration process from the old server to the new one? I'd imagine it may be easier to just setup the new installation of 8.x and then import/migrate the data?


Honored Contributor
Yupp, my conspiracy theory is that software developers get paid from the hardware manufacturers to increase the requirements so they could sell more/better hardware 

New Contributor III
Actually reading the hardware requirements it looks like my server is under powered for even that.