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Amending NAC / Message string variables

Amending NAC / Message string variables

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Have a few questions around NAC message string variables, which will probably help if I give an example:

NAC is being used for guest wireless with SMS notification, and for the message string of 'registrationVerificationSMSSubject' (Used for entering the phone number) I am using the variable %PHONE_NUM% which works fine, except for one instance that I've been asked to look into.

This installation is in the UK, and generally the variables has been OK for all UK numbers entered, but they had an international customer that entered their number starting with +21 instead of 0021, which failed. This might be easy to work around with just a comment to explain the format, but I was interested in the RegExp that might be sitting in the background that is formatting the number - as I might be able to change it to suite?

So my three questions related to this are:
  • Is there any documentation that details what message string variables there are available to use, I could not find them in a search in the help or online?
  • Is there a way to view what code is sitting behind the variables, like %PHONE-NUM% and %PHONE_NUM_FORMATTED%
  • Is there a way to edit them?
Many thanks in advance.

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Thanks Ron. Just checked based on the link you provided and this has been fixed in version, the RN details:

The Captive Portal did not allow the plus sign symbol (+) in the SMS Text field for mobile phone numbers.

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Hi Martin,

please take a look into the following thread...