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Can I import Netsihgt 8 database to Netsight 7?

Can I import Netsihgt 8 database to Netsight 7?

New Contributor
Hi all,

I want to downgrade Netsight 8 to 7 but I have an issue on database part. I have to uninstall emc 8 and install emc 7. But I have a question. Restore and backup works for same version as you know.

How can I import Netsight 8 database to Netsight 7? Is there a solution for this?

Thanks for your help.

New Contributor
can i import netsight 7 ddatabase into netsight 8

Extreme Employee
Unfortunately, you can not import and 8.x Database into 7.x. The recommended database save and restore process is as follows. Save your 7.x database prior to upgrading to 8.x. If you decide to revert to 7.x you will have that version of the database to go back to.
If the database began as an 8.x database, what is the reason to to migrate back to 7.x?