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ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine - ZTP+ - SCP image download issue (illegal URL)

ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine - ZTP+ - SCP image download issue (illegal URL)

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I want to share something about an issue I have encountered regarding ZTP+ process, especially the upgrade step.
Since recent versions of ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine (in my case :, SCP is the default protocol in ZTP+ process, in order to upgrade Extreme Networks Universal Switches.

These switches, out of the box, run Switch Engine (formerly EXOS).
XIQ SE has specific scripts to upgrade switches during the first step of ZTP+ process.

For SCP, it's "ExtremeXOS - SCP (VR-Default)". This setting can be seen in "Network > Firmware" tab (click on a switch family) :

The script runs the command "download url scp://<user>:<password>:22/<path_to_the_file> vr VR-Default".

The download might fail and the following error message appears :

"Failed to download scp://<hidden>@<ip>:22/<path>" vr VR-Default :Note: The inactive partition (secondary) will be used for installation.\n\nError: Illegal URL\n\n']".

Without any details...

After many tries and the help from GTAC team (thanks 😁), I think I have found the problem.
By manually typing the command on the switch, I have noticed that the root cause is the password.
Many characters are simply not supported ! For example :

  • !
  • \
  • @ (obviously...)
  • #
  • /
  • etc (maybe more ?)

Solution : just configure a simple password on XIQ SE, omitting the special characters, as a precaution.
Uppercase, lowercase and digits should be fine 👍


Extreme Employee

Thank you for sharing!

Regards Zdeněk Pala