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Is it possible to collect NetFlow from a Cisco 6513 using NetSight?

Is it possible to collect NetFlow from a Cisco 6513 using NetSight?

New Contributor
I am now, sadly, managing an all-Cisco network, with no management system. I'm testing NetSight, to see if it will integrate with our Cisco switches and routers. I've used NetSight successfully on two large Enterasys LANs for the last eight years, and I know what it can do.

What I need to be able to do is receive the NetFlow exports from our 6513 (running IOS 12.2(33)SXI7). I am in full contact with this switch using SNMPv3 on NetSight (

I've configured the switch to send NetFlow data to my new NMS server, which was as simple as changing one of the two destinations for flow exports on the 6513 to point to my new NetSight server.

Has anyone done this?

The NetSight NetFlow Sensor Configuration tool doesn't list my Cat 6513 (the only item NetSight is managing right now). I think what it wants to do is use SNMP to properly configure the switches to send data, and it has no idea how to do that on a Cisco switch.

Could use some help here, or I'm going to have to trial a different NMS platform.

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Sorry to wake a dead thread, But i've been trying to get my cisco gear to send netflow data to netsight and haven't had any luck and this the only place i've seen experience the same headache.

Whats you flow config look like on the cisco gear?


New Contributor
That was the key, NetFLow version 9. I forced the Cat6513 to send version 9 messages, and I am getting data in NetSight.

I am getting some very, very weird data, but that's a different issue.

The Netsight server is listening for Netflow Version 9 data on port 2055 and for IPFIX data on port 2075.

In Netsight Console Options -> NetFlow Collection you can view and configure flow export options.

If these setting fit your IOS configuration your flow data should become visible in OneView.

Kind regards

Valued Contributor III
As far as I know you can use the standard (build-in) SNMP tool to configure the netflow collection only from S/K/N series.

If you configure the netflow collection by CLI then it should work = you will see flow statistics in OneView...

You can configure the netflow collection on Cisco boxes by CLI script from either Netsight Console or OneView. You can prepare your own scripts and then execute them.

I did not tested, but should work.

Regards Zdeněk Pala