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Maps improvement

Maps improvement

New Contributor III
Are there any plans to improve maps behaviour ?
Many customers complains about it.
Main problems are:
  • slow rendering
  • inaccurate informations about links and devices [eg. after link down there is no reflect on map.]
  • when moving devices sometimes devices attach to each other and change position of it. Sometimes links are bended and there is no way to place device on map because of no way to handle it.
  • vlans are shown on switches not on links. There should be information if vlan is present on trunk.

Extreme Employee

regarding rendering, please try to use client with more memory and CPU. My experience is that rendering is hungry for client resources
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Contributor III
I agree with (main) above issues.
Features of Legacy TopoManager should be the must-have level for OneView Maps.

Displaying VLAN information in Maps could be a great feature - but currently nearly useless because they only check if VLAN exists on a device. Although GUI highlight the link between 2 devices with same VLAN so every one though this information will be checked, but it is not. That's very misleading.

The only way to bring this customer effort to extreme is to open GTAC ticket.


Hi guys,

I totally agree with Tomasz. There's a lot of missing features on maps (compared to the good-old Topology Manager).

Many of my customers still trying to use the old TM (where possible) because of the lack of information, ease of use and performance of Maps.

The vlans shown on links (and "where" they are on the whole network, just as the TM) is a TOP requested feature from my customers.

Are there any plans to implement it on maps?

Best regards,